Kelsie + Rune {To Be Wed} Austin Engagement Photography

So this was an extra fun shoot because I have known the bride for many MANY years!  Kelsie and I went to high school together and shared a few classes and both participated in speech and debate!  We have also stayed “aware” of each other over the years through Facebook!  (This is why I LOVE Facebook… I love to know what people are up to but AM terrible one on one correspondence!)  I was so honored when she reached out to me to do her wedding photography because she was kind enough to say that she’d known for a while that she would want to work with me when she planned a wedding!  Talk about feeling flattered!

This shoot was especially fun because I met Kelsie and her fiance Rune in Austin – so when I arrived into town we took a few minutes to have a beer and let me hear their love story.  It’s nice to have a little time to watch the couple together so you get a sense of them before you start to work. I hope Kelsie and Rune find a few images in this collection that make them say “That is US.”

I love this next shot … it’s so jarring.  You don’t really know where to look but there are a lot of fun details.  I love the way the support for the powerlines looks like a cross.  “Symbology” 😉  And I like the way the guy in the foreground is moving …Randomly cards started falling like rain from the platform above us …