Allison + Justin {Expecting!} Houston Maternity Photography

I first worked with Allison and Justin a few years ago to do engagement portraits.  I have worked with a few of their friends, but was sadly booked for their big day.  I was so flattered they wanted to work with me for their engagements, and we collaborated on one of my all time favorite shoots!  (click “favorite shoots” to see)

Since their wedding, I’ve continued to work with friends in their circle- so I’ve seen them at a few weddings and also follow them on social media.  I was so excited to hear they were expecting their first baby this year!  And I was even more excited when Allison mentioned that she wanted to do maternity photos.  This required a little planning because I was expecting my own little bundle to arrive around the same time!!!  We picked a date several weeks before my due date, but then my little girl decided to arrive three weeks early!  Fortunately, my recovery was very quick and we were still able to shoot on our planned day!  I just hope I didn’t frighten Allison recounting “war stories” from my three very different deliveries!

I am so excited to have Justin and Allison up on the blog again.  I just love working with these two.  They have a great chemistry as well as an unusually high level of comfort in front of the camera- it doesn’t hurt that Allison is a working actress and a radiant mom-to-be!  Be sure to scroll all the way down for some of my favorite shots of the couple lounging serenely on a park bench- an idea the couple brought to the shoot, inspired by the last shot from one of my favorite films Notting Hill!