Anna + David {To Be Wed} Houston Engagement Photography

I had so much fun shooting with Anna and David for their engagement portraits.  We started off at one of my favorite spots- the Police Officer’s Memorial on the bayou.  It was drizzling a little when we started out, but the rain let up and we were left with a nice cool evening and a perfect cloudy sky.

Then we moved on to my favorite part of the shoot- David and Anna’s home!  I absolutely love when I get to shoot at a couple’s home- the images really capture a piece of this special moment in their life.  When I was in school, I did a photo series for a photography class that I called “Domicile Portraits” where I took photos of my friends’ dorms and apartments.  I felt the little details in their decor and personal items were able to capture the person on another level- so it was really fun to be welcomed into Anna and David’s adorable home.

We finished up on the esplanade near the warehouses downtown which were David and Anna’s stomping grounds when they first started dating- I really like that they chose spaces that were meaningful to them and their story!