My Work Life + My Personal Life {Married} A Manhattan Wedding Story

Disclaimer: This wedding is a little different.  It is not possible for me to just post this collection with my standard quick introduction of the couple and what not.  I’m struggling a little with what I want to write- for a few reasons.

One: I always struggle here.

The editing is done, I’ve chosen a group of images and arranged them to tell picture-story of the wedding day, and now I just need a few words to introduce the images before I can publish the post and e-mail links and attack social media …

I usually try to think about something that made the wedding special for me.  Then I worry I’m playing favorites and just try to tell anyone reading why I think it’d be worth their time to scroll down and look through.

I see this element of my brand-ambassadorship as a real weak point … something I’m not great at so I give it after-thought treatment… and this bums me out because what attracts me to MY favorite brands are the ones where the creator shares their personality and you get a window into their thought process.

So that’s the first element of the struggle.  Which is not new or unique.

The Second, Third, several reasons all have to do with more of that last idea I just started on- regarding a relationship between a business and a client and being genuine and really sharing something of yourself.

So… I’m going to break my usual rule and say “This wedding was particularly meaningful to me…”

This is Emily and David’s wedding day.  And if they had just been random clients, it would have been a dream booking.  Beautiful, fun, in love, vibrant, talented, stylish … the wedding venue the Harvard Yacht club in Manhattan … oh my goodness.

But Emily is John’s first cousin.  So this was a family wedding, so it was very fun to attend this amazing event and a delight to shoot.  But it has been hard for my heart to prepare this collection, to see my (late) husband’s beautiful, dazzling family looking their best on an amazing day in my favorite town – everything’s just perfect.  And I want John in these pictures so badly.

And I want John here so badly.  People have asked me how I feel about shooting weddings while I grieve my spouse.  I still love my work very much- I love weddings, and family, and happiness, and LOVE.  And that hasn’t changed.  But my very favorite part of my work was finishing the wedding, and choosing the photos for a post like this.  Then as soon as I had emailed my links to my bride I would get John- either on the phone if he was at work or find him in the house so he could give me his feedback.

I would be so excited for that that I would get very annoyed if he said “Let me pee first-” or ANY delay.  THIS was what had been driving me to finish the work and hit send and now I wanted my payoff!

Now, it’s almost the opposite effect … the closer I get to finishing up work on a wedding the more I can’t stay at the computer.  It’s hard to get here.  It’s one of the hardest parts.

But I am still proud of my work, and I really hope Emily and David love these images for years to come.  I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!  It was a privilege to shoot this gorgeous day and I hope you take the time to scroll through.  All the way down like John would have done 😉