TDECU Conference {Discover Day} Houston Corporate Photography

I had a change of pace a few weeks ago shooting for the credit union TDECU at their annual employee conference, Discover Day.  This was a fun and inspiring event with powerful speakers and a huge expo.  The keynote speaker, graffiti artist and author Erik Wahl, was absolutely amazing!  (Scroll all the way down to see shots of his presentation!  He painted three amazing pieces during his piece and it was a joy to watch him work!  His book “Unthink” explores the benefits of using unconventional and creative thinking in a corporate setting.

The day started with CEO Stephanie Sherrodd’s morning run which she invited the employees staying in Galveston for the conference to join her on.  There was also a biometrics station set up in the morning for employees to take advantage of health screenings.  The morning session also included presentations from guest speakers as well as fun sketches and videos produced by the TDECU employees (some of them have missed their callings as performers!  But I can understand being very happy working at TDECU!).  One of the highlights of the day was an Jimmy Fallon style employee lip sync-off!

Check out my favorite shots from this big and busy day!  And if you need a great credit union, check TDECU out at!